Bare Bones Drapers (8.5m)

Bare Bones Drapers (8.5m)

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These Exposed Bulb light fixtures are a unique addition to any interior setting. The lights feature an extra long 8.5m custom coloured textile cord that encompasses a vintage light bulb to bring alive any space. 

The cords plug straight into the wall and provide a way to hang your pendant lights without the need for an electrician. They are perfect for renters, temporary lighting features, basically anywhere! These lights are ideal for hanging off a hook on the wall or roof.

All of our lighting products are certified by N.S.W Fair Trading.


Features include:

  • Lampholder (E27) with metal cover
  • Braided textile cord
  • light switch
  • Standard Australian domestic plug

This light cord takes a standard household Edison screw (E27) light bulb. We recommend our vintage style bulbs or Diamond globes to complete the Exposed Bulb look. 

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Bare Bones Drapers (8.5m)